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Thread: Console Application to No-Console Application

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    Question Console Application to No-Console Application

    I have crated console based application project in vc++. After completing I realize I should hide the console of app. It is an exe running in background and another exe takes data from through socket programming.

    To hide the console as my exe starts I used
                           HWND hWnd = GetConsoleWindow();
                           ShowWindow( hWnd, SW_HIDE );

    But it does not hide console immediately.

    When I click on exe; first console gets visible then these lines get executed and hide it. But I don't want to load console. Because currently I am able view the console for few seconds or milliseconds. I want it to be completely silent ( or invisible).

    Is there any way ???

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    Re: Console Application to No-Console Application

    Move your code to a windows service.

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