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    Lightbulb Algorithm for a car race using BFS

    Ok, so here's the problem I am having. Say I have a boolean maze, where ofcourse T are the place I can traverse on and F are the areas I cannot. The goal is to find the shortest parth from 0,0 to other corner i.e. m,n corner. Well that's just the first part of it. The other problem in the mix is the car can jump between the cells and even obstacles, also the speed can be 1+ more than its previous speed. The real goal is to find a path with the shortest amount of traversed cells with jumps.

    Thinking about the problem, I can understand I can do a BFS search, but how exactly do I do a BFS search taking the shortest path with the jumps in it?

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    Re: Algorithm for a car race using BFS

    What do you mean with BFS search?
    Breath First Search is an algorithm to traverse a tree. So, you'll first have to define what your tree will look like. What is the information contained in each node and what are the children of each node?
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