I have created a plugin for Outlook, I want add ribbon controls to my existing OUtlook plugin.
When I Implement "IRibbonExtensibility" Interface in the class that was implemented "_IDTExtensibility2" Interface it throws
up the following error message

I ve created my plugin in C++,

STDMETHOD(GetCustomUI)(BSTR RibbonID, BSTR * RibbonXml)

This API will return XML content of the ribbon control in "RibbonXml" parameter so the return value is not a string.

My sample works fine but when i implement this "IRibbonExtensibility" interface in my existing Outlook plugin it throws

up the error

ATL::CComObject<Base>' : cannot instantiate abstract class
due to following members:
'HRESULT Office::IRibbonExtensibility::raw_GetCustomUI(BSTR,BSTR *)' : is abstract

I m implementing this interface in the class which already implmented "_IDTExtensibility2

How do i resolve this?

Thanks in Advance.