I am trying to collect 802.11 capabilities(11a, b, g and n) supported by wireless adapter.

Case with XP:
I used the OID_802_11_NETWORK_TYPES_SUPPORTED to query the same which inturn gives me the data NDIS_802_11_NETWORK_TYPE. This data structure has three values which I mapped as follows.
Ndis802_11DS - 11b
Ndis802_11OFDM5 - 11a
Ndis802_11OFDM24 - 11g

Can you please tell me whether I am following the right path?

Moreover I just wish to know how should I query whether my wireless adapter supports 11n.

Case with Vista:
Here I used WlanGetInterfaceCapability to collect the same. Here I did the following mapping

dot11_phy_type_dsss - 11b
dot11_phy_type_ofdm - 11a
dot11_phy_type_erp - 11g
dot11_phy_type_ht - 11n

Is this a right mapping?

Thanks in advance,