I need help regarding the raw sockets in wireless (802.11 or wifi) networking.
I want to send a packet using raw socket (on data-link-layer or layer 2) from STAtion to AP (Access Point).

Just for info: I am using madwifi as wifi-driver on ubuntu 8.04. So, I want to send packet of ath0 of one device to ath0 of other device. Of course using raw sockets....

I searched on the net extensively (believe me, i am doing it rigourously from last 5 days). But all I get is information regarding raw sockets in ethernet. The problem is, since packet structure of ethernet and wifi is different on data-link-layer, I may not use the code which is working perfectly for ethernet. "To use the ethernet code for wifi" is not that simple as it seems [at least for me ]. I am no more interested in ehternet raw sockets. I want exact information regarding raw sockets in wifi.

I am not sure whether there are any dedicated libraries for this or not?
I am not sure which libraries (or api) I have to use.

Can anyone of you would help me in this?

Yours Sincerely,