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Thread: Coms or Comms

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    Coms or Comms


    I'm making a class where I want part of the name to be communications, but I'd rather abbreviate this.
    I can't decide wether to use coms or comms, I've done a quick google search and there doesn't appear to be a standard (I assume because neither is actually a real word).

    I'm currently leaning towards comms.

    Can anyone give me any reason why I should have 1 or 2 m's?


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    Re: Coms or Comms

    Interesting. shows 'com.' as an abbreviation for "communication". So, I'd go with 'coms'.


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    Re: Coms or Comms

    I wouldn't make the class name plural though.

    The reason being is that if you didn't abbreviate it, the class would be named 'Communication', not 'Communications'. So the abbrieviated version should be 'Com' or 'Comm'.

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    Re: Coms or Comms

    Thanks for the replies to this semi ponitless question guys.

    I see that it doesn't need to be plural, so I'm going to use com.

    Thanks again.

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