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    Question Problem loading in files with fstream

    Obviously I'm doing something wrong, I just don't know what. Here's my code:

    char* fileTxt;
    std::ifstream aFile;
    aFile >> fileTxt;
    When I print out fileTxt I get nothing. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Re: Problem loading in files with fstream

    Also, if it helps I am running linux.

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    Re: Problem loading in files with fstream

    Annnnnnnd also that the last line I mistyped... it should be aFile.close();

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    Re: Problem loading in files with fstream

    Your char* is uninitialised and not pointing at a chunk of memory you can write to. You can either use new[] or malloc() to dynamically allocate some memory, or you can use an array, or the best option, swop the char* for a std::string


    std::string fileTxt;


    char fileTxt[256];


    char* fileTxt = new char[256];

    The string option is best as the memory managment is done for you by the string class. I used 256 as an example size, but im sure you get the idea. Remember malloc must be matched with a free(), new[] matched with a delete[]. The array is made on the stack so no special cleanup needed for that.
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