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    Question Rsa-sha1


    I want to implement RSA-SHA1 algorithm in C++, which has to basically a file content using private key, here i have Perl code and looking for a corresponding C++ code, can any one help me?

    PERL Code

    # Sign a document with given private key file.
    # The first argument is the document to sign
    # The second argument is the name of the private key file
    sub rsa_sha1_sign {
        my ($to_sign, $pvkFile) = @_;
        return write_to_program("openssl sha1 -sign $pvkFile", $to_sign);
    # Helper function to write data to a program
    sub write_to_program {
        my ($prog, $data) = @_;
        my $pid = open2(*README, *WRITEME, $prog);
        print WRITEME $data;
        close WRITEME;
        # slurp entire contents of output into scalar
        my $output;
        local $/ = undef;
        $output = <README>;
        close README;
        waitpid($pid, 0);
        return $output;
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