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    class for arbitrarily large integers

    Hi all,

    I've been working on sorting out a problem that I often get asked on quantitative interviews, and wondering if you could help me get a fix on it.

    The problem is to create a class that allows operations to be performed on arbitrarily large integers.

    I'm working on the input/output portion right now & having a little bit of a problem.

    The way I see it, the best way to attack this would be to use a vector<unsigned char> to get a reversed string:

    class LargeInteger

    std::vector<unsigned char> digits;
    bool minus;


    Then read the number as a string by using getline(cin, strInput);

    Then, use a reverse iterator to check each digit and add it (e. g. by calling push_back) to the internal vector (or string) if ok. The input at first position (position 0 or last of reverse iteration alternatively can be a minus sign).

    string::reverse_iterator ri;
    for (ri = strInput.rbegin(); ri != strInput.rend(); ++ri)
    char digit = *ri;
    // now check the digit and if ok convert it to an 8bit integer
    // by subtracting '0' and push it to the internal vector
    // handle the *last* char separately as it could be a minus sign
    // in that case you would *not* push it to the vector but set the
    // minus member to true.
    // you also might ignore leading spaces or a + sign.


    What I'm having trouble with now is putting it all together, or simply implementing it all in code form. Could anyone give me a hand?

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    Re: class for arbitrarily large integers

    You could take a look at the implementation and C++ wrapper for GMP.
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    Re: class for arbitrarily large integers

    Other implementations:

    You have to be careful about how you implement the operations. Here is an algorithm for multiplication: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karatsuba_algorithm.
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