As a former Microsoft Certified Trainer and longtime .NET consultant, I have decided to branch out and offer online training so that I can have the flexibility to write my own courseware and teach C# my way (focusing mainly on the fundamentals of the .NET framework and Object Oriented concepts). I see that there are a lot of folks in this forum that are looking to learn C# and I wanted to take the opportunity to learn from you so that I can properly tailor my content and offerings.

What methods have you tried to learn C#? What methods have you been happy with and which methods have you not been happy with? Why?

Would you be interested in a self-paced online C# course if it offered a 100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied? If the course taught all of the object oriented concepts (encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism) along with the fundamentals of the .NET framework and syntax, what would you be willing to pay? Keep in mind that the courseware would be on par with the official Microsoft curriculum offered in a typical $2,000 5-day course.

Any thoughts you can provide would be very helpful. I appreciate your time.