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    Challenging Application - Need Help Please

    I am needing some help with the second part of my application. I have uploaded these files for you to look at.

    Basically, what I am wanting to do is filter the contents of two text boxes into two other textboxes above and below a range that a user has entered into a

    So, for example, if someone where to enter the S2 value in the box of ("0.75"), then the programme would return all values above and below this range from
    the noe richtextbox. So it is basically taking the value in the S2 data range, the residue (Res) and matching it with the corrosponding NOE

    Within the S2 file, ignore all the other values other than S2 and Res

    This means, that for each line in the noe file:

    assign (segid HRV and "resid 168" and name HN) (segid HRV and "resid 137" and name HD2) 5.500 3.7 0.0 ! hinnoesy.96
    or (segid HRV and resid "168" and name HN) (segid HRV and resid "137" and name HE2)

    assign (segid HRV and "resid 167" and name HN) (segid HRV and "resid 167" and name HG#) 5.500 3.7 0.0 ! hinnoesy.110
    or (segid HRV and resid "167" and name HN) (segid HRV and resid "167" and name HB#)
    assign (segid HRV and resid 126 and name HN) (segid HRV and resid 126 and name HA) 5.500 3.7 0.0 ! hinnoesy.350
    or (segid HRV and resid 126 and name HN) (segid HRV and resid 130 and name HA)

    You would enter a S2 value into the textbox within range, and it would match up the residue value with the corrosponding noe data, as well as sort according to the
    parameters in the textbox.

    So, it would need to output the whole sorted noe file line into the high and low range textboxes.

    I.e. the first residue is 1, with a value of 0.273. Any value above and below this with the resid within the noe file will take the whole line and place in the
    corrosponding textbox.

    I am very stuck with how to do this, so if someone could please have a go, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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