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    Error 430 - Automation error on client machine

    I have a program in VB6, which references MDAC libraries. In specific I have this code in my project:
    Dim rsTemp As ADODB.Recordset
    Set rsTemp = New ADODB.Recordset
    and I reference msado25.tlb in my project. I have no problem running on my system and number of other PC's but few of our customers have found issues, in german and french system.
    I have tried it on a German XP OS, SP2 with no problem..
    I have an English XP, SP2 machine. We have tried compiling with different versions of the mdac, no use. We have tried installing different versions of mdac on customer machine. no use..
    I have checked the version of the msado25.tlb on my system and the customer and the minor is a bit different, but if I try to delete the file, the system recreates it in few seconds.

    How do I know whats missing or whats being reference incorrectly??

    Any help will be appreciated.. we have to find an answer soon!!

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    Re: Error 430 - Automation error on client machine

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