I have a document with VBA controls in it that I created in MS Word 2003. After migrating to MS Word 2007, I get the message that "Can't exit design mode because control 'lblEmaillist' can not be created".

After reading through the various forums here and on microsoft.com it seems to be a known problem. I looked at these articles but am still having a bit of trouble...

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/212559 refers to the same problem in word 2000 but after following the directions I still am getting the problem.

The problem does not occur when I open the document in MS Word 2007 or MS Word 2003. The problem only occurs when I open click on the link from IE.

I've set up the location as a trusted location in Office 2007 settings so that should not be an issue.

The document in question is being saved in the word 97-2003 format due to the fact that some people here have not upgraded to office 2007. I tried saving it as a .docm for office 2007 but the error message still came up.

Does anyone have any suggestions?