Am using Crystal Reports X and this is located in a Linux system. My report uses sql server DB.

We set up a system DSN on the Linux system that houses the Crystal Server. Am able to connect to this DSN from my Crystal Enterprise.

This is how I connect.........used the option ODBC(RDO)to create new connection. Then entered the connection string as DSN=<dsnname>;User Id=<username>;Password=<password>;
I was thus able to map the tables from the SQl Server DB and published the report to the Crystal Server in Linux system.

In the CMC, I set the DB parameters to the option - Use original database logon information from the report. But when I preview the report, it throws an error saying :

Failed to retrieve initial report values. For example, the database information for this report could be incomplete or incorrect. This is a configuration problem. Please contact your system administrator."

Any ideas, please help. Fix is required asap.