I'm quite new to the C# combo with ASP.NET, so i'll try to be as clear as i can with my explanation.

I'm using a GridView to display some columns and rows that reside in a database. This works excellent. Because i wanted to add columns dynamically out of a List of names. Let's say we have a list with 5 names in it, then it dynamically creates a column for every name in the GridView. Here's some code to display what i do:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) 
    if (!IsPostBack) 
        //Create columns for each student 
        List<Student> allStudents = new Eetlijst.Business.Students().GetAll(); 
        foreach (Student student in allStudents) 
            StudentBoundField studentField = new StudentBoundField(); 
            studentField.HeaderText = student.Naam; 
            MaaltijdGrid.Columns.Insert(4, studentField); 
        ShowDataInGrid(DateTime.Now.Month, DateTime.Now.Year);
There's some other stuff in there that isn't important. The ShowDataInGrid looks as following:

public void ShowDataInGrid(int maand, int jaar) 
    List<Maaltijd> allMaaltijden = new Eetlijst.Business.Maaltijden().GetByMonthAndYear(maand, jaar); 
    Session.Contents.Add("maaltijden", allMaaltijden); 
    MaaltijdGrid.DataSource = allMaaltijden; 
How do i create the dynamic columns for each row? I create them with a DataBound event. So when the GridView databinds, the columns get filled with data. There is also a check inside to see if the row is in edit mode or not. So when i click on the edit button next to the row, the row goes perfectly in edit mode. The code i made adds a TextBox control to the cell. When i fill in a value and press the Update button, it can't find any controls anymore and therefore i can't get the value i entered. The control is still there in the DataBound when i put a break point after it. But as soon as i click the Update button, all the controls of the cells are gone.

I searched on the internet and all i found is that it has something to do with the application firing a postback before it reaches the RowUpdating method.

So, how can i let the controls exist that i added to the cell when it is in edit mode?

If anyone needs the code that's inside the DataBound event i'll post it.