We use Crystal 8.0 in our company and have several crystal reports for the customers to view via web. The issue is that most of the customers do not want to download the active X viewer even once. From my research , I understand that Crystal Reports 2008 doesn't require users to download any active x viewer. I can do an upgrade which is fairly reasonable amout however for the web component part Sap is asking almost $10,000 which doesn't make sense for us to invest in. I think there is a .net way of doing the development which is free and will give us three concurrent users license just with a basic upgrade. I am not too familiar with .net. I am wondering if someone can assist me in understanding what all changes would I need to implement to get the .net integration of Crystal reports. Also, is there any way in crystal 8 version to show html version of reports rather than first displaying them in the crystal x viewer.
Any help is appreciated.