Hi there - not sure if this is the right place to ask, but someone may know where I can look.

I'm writting some vehicle diagnostics software in Windows CE that has analogue gauges in it.
I'm using GAPI to do all the graphics programming, so there are no helpful GDI functions to hand.

I have the gauge drawn, but I'm not happy with the scale markings going around the gauge which are drawn using an antialiased line drawing algorithm I picked up off the net. The problem is, the markings can be quite short, 1x3 pixels and when these are drawn around the edge, the end-points in the line are rounded up to the nearest pixel and end up looking out of place.

I've done the same thing using vb.net and GDI+ which allows you to draw lines at floating-point pixel coordinates, this does all the antialiasing for me and produces a good result.

So what I really need is a library / algorithm for drawing short antialiased lines at floating-point coordinates.

Can anyone help please