Hi all, I am need of A LOT of help with some C programming using ARTooKit.

This is ARToolKit: http://www.hitl.washington.edu/artoolkit/
you can find a lot of videos on youtube.

What I am failing to do, is programme the file to change the vrml model at a keystroke, for example: it is a cube to start with on the symbol, then changes to a sphere when I press a key.

I have an idea how to do it but I don't know the code. My idea is is that the vrml model is pre-loaded when the file is run then just switch the model so there is barely any loading. Again I don't know how to start or continue this code.

If someone already has the files for artoolkit I'll say I am working with the simpleVRML example and changing it around.

And also there is the problem on setting up a camera to rotate the vrml model.

I really need help with this
I know it sounds a lot like jibberish so ask and I'll try and clarify some things.

I am using:
Visual C#/C++ express edition or Notepad++
ARToolKit (default simpleVRML files)
3ds Max (Exporting VRML model files)