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Thread: Pyme problems

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    Pyme problems

    I have GPG set up on my windows box and my linux box. I have the same keypairs on both. I can encrypt & decrypt on both systems fine when using the command line but i now want to automate things with pyme. Unfortunately, I have hit a problem which I cant get past. The scripts I have can enumerate keys and encrypt files & text easily, but whenever I decrypt it freezes dead. Here's an example
        from pyme import core, constants
        def Callback(x, y, z):
            """ Callback to give password """
            return "MyPasswordHere\n"
        plaintext = "Hello World!"
        crypttext = ""
        #First set of data
        plaindata1 = core.Data(plaintext)
        cryptdata1 = core.Data()
        cont = core.Context()
        cont.set_armor(True) #ASCII
        cont.op_keylist_start("MyKeyNameHere", 1) #use first key
        cont.op_encrypt([cont.op_keylist_next()], 1, plaindata1, cryptdata1)
        crypttext = cryptdata1.read()
        print "Encrypted Data:\n %s" % crypttext
        cryptdata2 = core.Data(crypttext)
        plaindata2 = core.Data()
        cont.op_decrypt(cryptdata2, plaindata2) #freeze here!!!!
        print "Decrypted Data:\n %s" % crypttext
    As I said, it freezes on both linux & windows, but on linux it brings up a dialog to get my passpharse. if I click cancel the script continues and decrypts the data as it should.

    I've scoured the web and newsgroups and looked through the pyme & gpgme docs, but I cant figure it out! I cant understand why it's freezing. Any ideas?

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    Re: Pyme problems

    Hi, did anyone solve this problem? Thanks!!

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