Fatal error: Call to a member function
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Thread: Fatal error: Call to a member function

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    Fatal error: Call to a member function

    i'm trying to unserialize Object. i run the documentaion sample.
    code for classa.inc:

    PHP Code:
    class {
    $one 1;
    show_one() {


    code for page1:
    PHP Code:
    $a = new A;
    $s serialize($a);
    $nextPage "page2.php";
    header("Location: $nextPage");
    code for page2:
    PHP Code:
    $s =$_COOKIE["test"];
    $a unserialize($s);
    "a is an Object!<br/>"  ;
    "a is not an Object!<br/>";
    Simple right.
    result when run page1
    a is not an Object!
    i check and cookie test have been creted
    i can't find why i cant use the object?
    thanks for any help..
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    Re: Fatal error: Call to a member function

    Don't you love magic quotes?

    PHP Code:
    $s stripslashes($_COOKIE["test"]); 
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