I have an Access Database with 2 different tables in it. Table1 lists different skills that a character class can have. Table2 has a place for the skill, and then 3 yes/no fields. What I need to do is have Table1 auto populate (from the "skill"field) to Table2's skill field so I can then check the yes/no fields. Does this make sense? Is this doable? I've been playing around with relationships for about half an hour now.. to no avail.

Table1 has a field named "Skill" and a field named "Description."
Table2 has a field named "Skill", a yes/no field named "ClassSkill", a yes/no field named "CrossClassSkill" and a yes/no field named "ProhibitedSkill." I would like to have Table1's "Skill" field populate in Table2 so I can then select the cooresponding check marks. How do I go about doing this? Is this a smart way to go about it, or would it be easier to just nix table2 and use switch/if/else statements to do it at run time?

Thanks in advance.