summarizing info without grouping
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Thread: summarizing info without grouping

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    summarizing info without grouping

    How the database is organized.

    There is a table with a bunch of orders and another that has the various companies' information. I make a report which shows all the orders made by which customers (1 line for each order) and group them according to city of company. So the only problem is that I don't want to see a line for each order but rather a line for each company with their total in purchases.

    This total information is not found in the database. So anyone know how I can get that data to fit on one line without having to use sql?

    I figured this out I am kind of silly about not being able to see that. Use a nested grouping and include summary information for that second grouping. I grouped the second according to the company.
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    Re: summarizing info without grouping

    If you look at the "SQL" for your query, add "distinct" to the select statement.

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