Hey everyone, I'm having a little problem with my VB code. The program I am using is apart of a college project i have to create. Basically the search function within this program finds a person e.g. "Kari" and when the checkbox is clicked it should remove that person. However, the code for the checkbox is deleting the first record everytime and not the record selected, I was woundering if anyone could help me with the code?

Private Sub Check1_Click()
lst_name.ListIndex = 0
lst_surname.ListIndex = lst_name.ListIndex
lst_Pck_Point.ListIndex = lst_name.ListIndex
lst_Dest_Point.ListIndex = lst_name.ListIndex
lst_Times.ListIndex = lst_name.ListIndex
lst_name.RemoveItem lst_name.ListIndex
lst_surname.RemoveItem lst_surname.ListIndex
lst_Pck_Point.RemoveItem lst_Pck_Point.ListIndex
lst_Dest_Point.RemoveItem lst_Dest_Point.ListIndex
lst_Times.RemoveItem lst_Times.ListIndex
Check1.Value = 0
Check1.Value = 0
End Sub