Hi this is my first computing project for A-levels to create database for a website which allows me to book salon appointments, (using phpmyadmin)

each customer is registered and can book apointments on when to have there appointment and by which salon specialist, although one salon specialist(staff)can only serve one customer at a time.

*** for example betty books a a appointment at 9:30am-10:00am with staff member cathrine

so the tables I have are:

Customer, Staff, Booking
Customer: CustomerID (P), password, fname, sname

Staff: StaffID (P), fanme, sname

Booking: BookingID (P), CustomerID, StaffID, ???BookingTime???

^Does this look ok? I really don't know how time would work in this table with mysql, would it be better to have time as a seperate table or to have time start and end for each staff member?

major thanks for replies