Saving a specific file - URGENT
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Thread: Saving a specific file - URGENT

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    Saving a specific file - URGENT

    Hey guys

    Need to figure this out urgently, basically I have my own file "Settings.ini" and I need it to be that when people click the "Activate" button (simple command box I've made) it will save my settings.ini that I have made to a specific location (and over writing a settings.ini that could possibly be in the directory)

    How do I import the file I have made (settings.ini) into vb and make it save and overwrite in a directory I want


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    Re: Saving a specific file - URGENT

    You would not need to import it into VB.
    The statement FileCopy SourceFileName, DestinationFolderName will copy your file to the destination folder, overwriting an existing file of the same name, provided this file is not open at that time.
    You can also specify the complete destination filename if it is different to the source file name.

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