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    JTextField setBounds

    ok so i am trying to create a program but when i try set its bounds, i always get a small box each time...
    JTextField ip = new JTextField();
    		JLabel ipAdd = new JLabel("Internet Protocal");
    am i doing something wrong, i have tried many different numbers for the bounds and it just doesn't want to work. What is a good size text area?

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    Re: JTextField setBounds

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexz003 View Post
    ... i have tried many different numbers for the bounds and it just doesn't want to work.
    Setting the bounds relocates and resizes the component in the absence of any layout managers. If you are using a layout manager (which you will be unless you explicitly set it null), you'll find that only max, min, and preferred size are respected - otherwise the layout manager couldn't do its job. I would suggest setting the preferred size to the size you want and letting the layout manager handle the positioning. See Laying Out Components Within a Container.

    What is a good size text area?
    That depends what you want to use it for, and the design of your application.

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