How to get Help in VS 2010 for C# ?
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Thread: How to get Help in VS 2010 for C# ?

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    How to get Help in VS 2010 for C# ?

    Hi all,

    I am new to C#, and recently started learning it. But my problem is that I cannot get built-in Help. Despite of that I set to use Local Help, it leads me to some Internet site IP (I guess it's Microsoft), but not Local Help.

    Do I do something wrong ? Did I miss to install Help from disk ?


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    Re: How to get Help in VS 2010 for C# ?

    i dont think there is local for it all i know of is the website.
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    Re: How to get Help in VS 2010 for C# ?

    Hi, Georgeos: is the so-called loopback address (localhost), and it's a way of referring to your own computer (so, it's not a web site, it's a place on your hard drive). Local help can be installed with VS, IIRC, and it's displayed in a browser-like help system. But, you should also be made aware of the MSDN Library (Microsoft Developer Network), which contains extensive, up-to-date help/documentation on VS, C# and other languages, .NET Library and more, as well as some community content.

    It is such an important tool, so whenever you need to check out a class, what's it for, and how it works, google up "msdn name_of_the_class_here". The documentation for types consists of the declaration, all the properties/metods/fields/events, followed by a Remarks section that discusses the type in more detail, and usually some example code.

    Here are some quick links (all MSDN):
    MSDN Library Home
    .NET Framework Class Library - library reference (types (classes, structs, ...) organized in namespaces)
    Development Tools and Languages
    Visual Studio 2010
    Visual C#
    C# Programming Guide - information and practical examples
    C# Reference - language reference, syntax, constructs...
    Visual C# Samples and Walkthroughs

    P.S. I think it's also possible to download and instal the MSDN library (or parts of it) as local help, but if you have a working, stable internet connection, you can rely on the online lib.
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