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    Datagridview to XML file

    I'm making a form that has some text and comboboxes and below
    a datagridview. all this data has to be stored in a XML file.

    The normal components i have stored that's easy.
    but i've been trying for a day now to get the data from the datagridview to the XML file.

    I read enough about people who use a dataset and store that to a XML file
    but i didn't find a way to get the data that the user put in the datagridview into the dataset.

    if there are any quiestions i'm happy to answer them
    and i hope there is someone here who can help me.

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    Re: Datagridview to XML file

    The first question is how does the data get into the grid view? Is this a Windows or ASP.NET grid? I'm sure you can find samples of databinding with Grid Views. What I would say though is that its unlikely you'll find anything out of the box that will write to an xml file. You could bind to a dataset and then you the 'WriteXml' to output to Xml.
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    Re: Datagridview to XML file

    I'm using C# for a windows form so windows, and the user have to put in the data by hand and i want that data to be stored in XML.
    indeed i have to use databindings but couldn't find any code to bind a new grid to a dataset and process that into XML. all the code i found was the other way around. read from xml to dataset and write it back. but the writing back is done with some code used for filling the grid.

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