Application Cleanup during Linux Shutdown
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Thread: Application Cleanup during Linux Shutdown

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    Application Cleanup during Linux Shutdown

    I'm trying to do some cleanup (write open files) when Linux shuts down. I thought the right method would be to trap SIGTERM and do the necessary processing. Here's my sample code:

    #include <stdio.h> // for File I/O
    #include <signal.h> // for signals
    #include <unistd.h> // for sleep()
    void handler(int signal)
    	FILE *out=fopen("test.txt","at");
    	if (out)
    		fprintf(out,"got %d\n",signal);
    int main()
    When I run this, and press Ctrl-C, it writes "got 2" to test.txt. However, if I logout/reboot, nothing is written to the file.

    Any help or ideas would be appreciated!


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    Re: Application Cleanup during Linux Shutdown

    Are you sure the 30s are enough? Maybe the application already exited before it received the SIGTERM?

    So I would suggest, trying with in infinite loop and sending the process SIGTERM from another window (kill -15 pid).
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    Re: Application Cleanup during Linux Shutdown

    Those functions (fopen, fprintf, fclose) technically aren't async-signal-safe.

    Also, sleep() returns when a signal is delivered. To ensure 30 seconds go by:
    unsigned seconds = 30;
    while (seconds > 0)
       seconds = sleep(seconds);

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