I'm new in developement of WM applications and I'm trying to understand what to do to at least first run on emulator the SimpleLAP example. Is there some summary of things you have to do to actually run the example ? The things I did:
1) opened SimpleLAP in VS2005(WM CE 5.0 installed)
2) installed new test certificate with validation to year 2099
3) in VS in Project/SimpleLAP Properties/Configuration Properties/Authenticode signing/ signed the installed certificate
4) built the application which has as result the SimpleLAP.dll
5) using the tool Remote File Viewer I copied dll file and certificate installation file to Windows directory in the emulator file structure
6) using the Remote Registry Editor I added the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Security\LASSD\LAP] SimpleLAP key containing SimpleLAP.dll value and set the ActiveLap key to SimpleLAP value
7) I saved all the above settings and SOFT restarted the emulator .. and nothing happened

What should I do ? Did I missed something ? Thanks in advance for reply.