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    Help needed with php/mysql developer.com tutorial on store locator

    Hi there - new to the forum, hope no-one minds if I start with a question:

    I've tried posting in the right sort of groups, but no replies.

    I'd like to use the spreadsheet of voluntary groups in the UK I've uploaded to allow visually impaired people to find their nearest voluntary group, using the following method:

    An accessible webpage loads, with large fonts and a form in the
    middle, with mouse focus already in it and the speech (in an mp3 file)
    "Please type your postcode and press enter".
    This will then load the next page, which will be a map for sighted
    people, and a sound file saying "your nearest group is....

    I am aware of the Google Docs Store Locator Gadget (http://
    spreadsheets2kml.appspot.com/help) but this doesn't seem to work as I
    expected, and besides, it doesn't return the data in the required

    I'm all dazed and confused with the Google spreadsheets store locator and map maker:

    So, I found a possible solution in an excellent article over at codeguru.com's sister site, developer.com:
    but it only returns markers on a map. I have cleared the first hurdle
    of geocoding due to the absolutely excellent
    site. Which not only geocoded all the UK postcodes of the group, but found several groups with incorrect postcodes as a nice side effect!

    My webserver can do php and mysql, my knowledge of which is limited to
    hacking together other people's scripts and basic tweaking, but I'm a
    volunteer and I haven't really got the money for custom programming,
    so any pointers would be greatly appreciated. If no takers for free guidance, perhaps someone can point me in the direction of a good, safe "bid for this work" site - I could probably find up to $50 (30) for this. So, basically, that developer.com article has all the clues, I just can't put them together... I can make a database, I can add the tables, I can populate it with data, I can make a page with a form, and I can make a sound file play when passed a variable - what I can't do is work out how I get the user's postcode entered in page one, to return a "nearest location" as a variable that I can make play a chosen soundfile from, in page 2.

    So, to clarify:
    I have a spreadsheet of voluntary organisations, with their address, city, postcode and lat/long.
    I want a blind user to be able to type THEIR city of postcode in, and after hitting enter, I want a soundfile to play which says "Your nearest organisation is..." (I can take care of recording those files).

    As a footnote, I also wanted to publish a map showing markers of the
    group locations. Using the built-on map marker maker (http://
    docs.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en-uk&answer=91601) not all
    the locations are shown and I get "data truncated" messages. By giving
    it pre-geocoded co-ordinates from the script above, rather than
    postcodes, it appears to have overcome this.

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    Re: Help needed with php/mysql developer.com tutorial on store locator

    In desperation, I kept on searching, until I found a Google tutorial.

    Type in Banbury or Oxford, and click Search locations. That works a treat.
    But it's doing some clever XML thing - having the map is great, but how would I also get the first result somehow parsed into the html of the page, too, so I could do my speech file?

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    Re: Help needed with php/mysql developer.com tutorial on store locator

    Can't find "edit this post" button, but here's the demo link I forgot earlier

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