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Thread: Minimize form to system tray

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    Minimize form to system tray

    How would I make a form minimize to system tray, then be able to double click the icon to reopen the form, when the normal minimize button on the form is pressed?
    Also, is it possible to take the scrollbars off of a webbrowser if you don't want/need them there?

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    Re: Minimize form to system tray

    Two seperate questions. Each belonging in its own thread.

    For your first question, use the NotifyIcon :

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    Re: Minimize form to system tray

    If you are talking about the WebBrowser Control, there is a property ScrollBarsEnabled which can be set to 'false'.

    Also, from memory I think I did this once... If you are only using the WebBrowser control to display HTML and do not want the User to interact with it, I 'think' you can put an 'almost transparent' Panel over the top of it and capture the Panel_Mouse(...) messages.

    Just tried that but it did not work, but I'm sure I did something like that way back...
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