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Thread: Security.dll

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    Question Security.dll

    Hello everyone,
    I am having an issue with Windows/System32/Security.dll

    I have a PC in which this dll was removed by a virus / spyware removal tool. I am very currious to kno why my cSharp app is trying to use this. The only Security call I am making is using System.Security.dll (System.Security.Cryptography) and this doesn't even seem to be where my unhandled exception is coming from. It appears the Windows.Security is being called for during an email attempt:

    MailMessage UploadEmailMessage = new MailMessage();
    MailAddress SupportEmailAddr = new MailAddress(AppSetting.SupportEmail);
    MailAddress toEmailAddress;
    char[] EmailDelims = { ';', ',' };
    string[] toAddressesArray =
    AppSetting.UserEmail.Replace(Environment.NewLine, "").Split(EmailDelims);

    foreach (string toAddr in toAddressesArray)
    if (toAddr != "")
    toEmailAddress = new MailAddress(toAddr.Trim());
    toEmailAddress = null;

    UploadEmailMessage.From = SupportEmailAddr;
    UploadEmailMessage.IsBodyHtml = true;
    UploadEmailMessage.Body = "Test Message.";

    SmtpClient IronkeepSMTP = new SmtpClient("iron.keep.net");
    NetworkCredential IronkeepSMTPLogin = new NetworkCredential("ss@blank.com", "pass");
    IronkeepSMTP.Credentials = IronkeepSMTPLogin;
    IronkeepSMTP.Port = 587;
    IronkeepSMTP.EnableSsl = true;

    Since the Security.dll can obviously be accidentily removed and not noticed by end-users, I would like to find another method using only the dll's installed with .net . Any ideas?

    Why would any .net app try to use this Security.dll? Ever?
    Should I add the Security.dll to Windows/System32 if it doesn't exist? Am I even allowed to by Microsoft?
    If I do add it, can I just use my WinXP version for all Windows versions since the file size doesn't change from xp to vista.

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    Re: Security.dll

    Mentioned security.dll is referenced by framework's System.dll, so you cannot avoid it. I think you have to repair the OS, or at least try to obtain the delete dll somewhere and put it to its place.
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    Re: Security.dll

    Quote Originally Posted by Shane_I_S
    I have a PC in which this dll was removed by a virus / spyware removal tool.
    I would investigate this further. I wouldn't expect a spyware/virus removal tool to do something like that...

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