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Thread: Networking help

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    Networking help

    I am trying to add a simple Private message type system to a chat client in order to par up to users to play a game. The way I am sending the first request to the server is sending a message with a prefix + username of the person you want to play with. The server catches and then removes the prefix to get the username.

    it uses 2 hashtables for the uernames and there connection.

    // This hash table stores users and connections (browsable by user)
    public static Hashtable htUsers = new Hashtable(30); // 30 users at one time limit
    // This hash table stores connections and users (browsable by connection)
    public static Hashtable htConnections = new Hashtable(30); // 30 users at one time limit
    it uses

    swSenderSender = new StreamWriter(tcpClients[i].GetStream());
    to send a message to each person where i is a int in a for loop where it ranges from 0 to the number of connections.

    How can I make this so I can send a message back to the username specify in the incoming message?


    there are 3 users online.

    User1 = "Bob";
    User2 = "Smith";
    User3 = "Joe";

    now user1 clicks on a username in the listbox of all online users and then the button to initiate the game.

    He clicked on Smith so the message is sent as "5|Smith"

    now on the server side, it has Bob as the sender, it catches the "5|" prefix and removes it and now the string message is "Smith"

    This is where im stuck, how can i get the address to use with

    swSenderSender = new StreamWriter(tcpClients[i].GetStream());
    based on the username name stored in the hastables.

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    Re: Networking help

    use 1 Dictionary instead of 2 Hashtables
    Dictionary<string, TcpClient> Users = new Dictionary<string, TcpClient>();
    TcpClient client = Users["Smith"];

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