I'm using Crystal Reports 2008 in one of my projects, and I'm fairly new to Crystal Reports 2008. I have a couple of reports that we would want to deploy on the client side. The back-end database for these reports is MySQL. So, my first question is, If I have a locally developed report which fetches data from MySQL db and if I change the data in the database the report gets rendered accordingly on a refresh, so If I use the same report on a different machine could be a client machine and we asume that the schema for the reporting database is same and we have created a connection to that database with the same connection name on a different machine, would the data rendering work in that case i.e would the data get updated in the report on a different machine if it gets a connection with the same connection name??

Ques2) What is the bast way to deploy reports like these where we want the structure of the report to remain the same and the report is able to modify itself based on the changes to data in the database?

Ques3) In order for me to provide the functionalities mentioned above does every client needs to have Crystal Reports or are there any other ways by which we can have connections defined in an XML file or something??