Which platform should my new phone have?
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Thread: Which platform should my new phone have?

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    Dec 2008

    Which platform should my new phone have?

    Hey all, I was planning on getting a new cell phone.

    I also wanted to be able to write programs for this cell phone in C++.

    What are good platforms to look at based on:
    -portability (I can write code for multiple cell phones OS at the same time)
    -easy to learn
    -price to program (it shouldn't cost anything or much for me to develop programs)
    -Use C++, C, or a related language

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Which platform should my new phone have?

    Iphone has the advantage of the awesome appstore. But, you would have to get a mac to program, and i'm pretty sure it does not support c++. This OS is also used ONLY on the iphone, so you can't develop for any other phones.

    Now like you i am interested in mobile delopment and i got myself a htc hd2. its almost twice as powerfull as the iphone, and it runs windows mobile, which means you can just use visual studio. The mobile SDK requiers at least the standard version of visual studio though. It uses win32 and directx, so pretty common stuff.

    The other ones, i don't think they will stand a chance against the 2 giants microsoft and apple.
    Apple is doing great with the iphone, and windows mobile 7 is supposed to have big improvements, and they have their unlimited supply of cash too.

    So you'd have to either buy yourself a mac, or buy visual studio standard edition. visual studio will probably be cheaper than a new computer, and it will support c++, so i would go with that one.

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    Re: Which platform should my new phone have?

    I would say windows mobile or Windows CE [not sure if it is on phones but probably is] Visual studio using C++ or C# or even VB if you like. I don't do much with phones but I have have been writing for various smart devices for several years now. There are quite a few devices that you can run code which was built for the CE platform on.

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