Im working on getting data from a stored procedure to a dataset to be able to write it out in XML format.
I have created the dataset and read the xsd file in and it shows all the tables needed from the schema file as well as relation fields between tables.

Ive tried to load data from SQLreader into dataset like this:

TestDataset.Load(sqlReader1, LoadOption.PreserveChanges, new String[] {"Account","Recipient","StandingInstruction" });

Ive tried to load 1 table at a time and all 3 at the same time.

What I end up with is the "Account" table is loaded and a field called Account_Id is incremented.
However the other 2 tables are loaded with data, but the relation fields between them are not.
So my output XML shows the "Account" data correctly, but not the other 2 tables

I missing a step or steps somewhere, but cant find it..