Hi all, I don't know if this is in the right place but I am still rather green at XML stuff.

I've been looking at xml and want to make a python program that can generate the xml schema instead of typing out the whole schema by hand. As far as I have seen, I need the pyxml program installed for the xml schema generation to work.

I have made a simple xml doc based on the L4D2 game for trials:

			<aid>Adrenaline shot</aid>
			<Melee_Weapons>Frying Pan</Melee_Weapons>
			<Volatile>Pipe Bombs</Volatile>
			<Volatile>Boomer Bile</Volatile>
				<Close_range>Auto Shotgun</Close_range>
				<long_range>Sub-machine gun</long_range>
				<long_range>Machine gun</long_range>
Looking into other information I have made a very rough section of code to start with but I need a lot of help finishing it:

from xml.SAX import make_parser
from xml.SAX.handler import ContentHandler

class l4d2Handler(ContentHandler):
     def __init__ (self,searchTerm):

     def startElement:

     def endElement:

where I've put ////// i know there should be something more there, the code is made of pieces from tutorials I found that didn't explain enough to complete the program, and this is what I have made.

I really need some help with this, and I need to complete it asap