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Thread: MVC application design advice

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    MVC application design advice

    I need some advice in desiging an ASP.NET MVC application. This is my first MVC so i am debating on the best way to design this.

    We will use one internal url for all users to access the application. We will be using windows authentication for the application. So when they access the url they will already be logged in via windows.

    Users will be divided up into groups such as admin, sales, accounting, production. When they access the url they will be "redirected" the the portion of the application that will pertain to their role, or group.

    What I am envisioning is under one solution creating different projects that will hold the controllers and views for each one of these roles (business logic and dataaccess will be in separate projects as well)

    This way if i need to make drastic changes to say the sales portion, I can publish that and not affect the other portions at all.

    Would this work? Is it possible to do what I am thinking when they log in, and send them to the different controllers index actions?

    Please let me know your thoughts or how you would do this.

    Thank you!

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    Re: MVC application design advice

    Hi there,

    The MVC is designed for the kind of thing you're looking to do. You don't have to split it out in different projects but there is nothing wrong with that. In essence every request will be handled by a controller in C# (I assume you're using C#). In your code you can determine the role the user is in and you can redirect to anywhere you wish. I would suggest going through a sample application (e.g. the nerd dinner application by Scott Guthrie) to give you an introduction to the whole thing and take it from there. I'm currently on my second MVC application and the framework is great.

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