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Thread: Not sure what I need to learn

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    Not sure what I need to learn

    I am currently on my way to a Bachelors in Computer Science. While I am going to school, I want to equipt myself with the skills of programming to make myself marketable to a company. Ive been looking at a lot of requirements for applicants and most of them require either C sharp programming or C++ and many others. My question to people who are currently working as an employee in a computer company is where should I start out learning about programming and my second one is where do you foresee programming in the future? For the record, I am wanting to become a programmer but am unsure as to which type of language I would like to go towards which is why I would like many peoples input. Thanks everybody. By the way, I live in the western part of the United States if that makes any difference.

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    Re: Not sure what I need to learn

    Well, I think a programmer that knows only one language has a big problem. Nowadays application development involves different technologies and languages. C++, C++/CLI, C#, ASP.NET, COM, Silverlight, web services, etc. all in a single product, it's not unusually, on the contrary. If you want to be a good programmer and be able to work in such environments knowing more than just a programming language is a must. Learning C# and C++ and Java is not that hard. They have very similar syntax. What is different is the libraries/frameworks built on top of them.

    So my advice to you is that you widen your vision and learn several things. You will only benefit from it.
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