Dear friends,
I have a VB6 app using MS Access2003 database ODBC connection in Windows Server 2008
my connection string is simple ODBC-- DSN=hotel -- using Microsoft Access Driver (.mdb)
using admin user - i can run all forms on windows server 2003 successfully
using other users - i get "permission denied error 70"

I have 2 problems,

1- cannot use software in terminal services using remote desktop to server @Windows Server 2008

i have 10 machines connected using Remote desktop
for a limited user, >> permission denied

if i cange the limited user to admin >> things work but ONLY FOR THAT USER!
ALL OTHER USERS THEN HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THE SOFTWARE, some exit, some cannot fetch data, etc.

2- "permission denied error 70"
to solve this if i make user member of admin users, all things work!
but ideally it is not correct to have all admins
so is there anything i need to change in software/database?

So what could be the cause? vb6 coding or database?

Please help .... it is very important for me.

Thanks and regards