I have an app worte several years ago in VB6 that writes to a database. I have had to modify it lately and install it on a new computer running Windows 7. My app reads the database path from an .ini file. The path is C:\ProgramData\My Folder. The database is stored in My Folder. I installed the app and it did write to this database in the specified path for about 1 hour after installation. Then I noticed that the app was still updating the data (visually evident in the application) but the database in the specified path was not updating. I did a search for .mdb files on the C drive. I found that the computer made a copy of the database and moved it to "C:\users\operator\appdata\local\virtualstore\programdata\myfolder" where operator is the user name.
This will not work due to the fact that more than one user may use the application. This is why I put it where I did so it would be accessable for everyone, or so I thought.
DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT I CAN DO. I AM STUMPED. I know I can change the properties of the .exe file to run as an administrator. This will work but I would like to do it right instead of a work around. I have tried changing folder permissions on ProgramData folder but still no luck.
Any help would be appreciated.