Devart announced the public availability of dbForge Query Builder 1.50, a tool for quick query creation and data management. The product allows to create complex queries easily, sparing time and efforts.

Featuring new functionality, the tool is better equipped to span a full spectrum of data management tasks and allows completing them at a professional level:

- Improved Data Editor
Up to 40 improvements were implemented to create quicker, easier, and more delighted ways for data management. The Data Editor spares tens of mouse clicks a day for you.

- Automatic Connection Recovery
If a database connection is broken, dbForge Query Builder implicitly recovers it without any error generation.

- Automatic Product Update
dbForge Query Builder automatically notifies you about any available updates and offers a flexible update process with Product Update Manager. This is a simple and effective way to deliver the new functionality and let you get the maximum of product usage.

- Multiple fixes and improvements
dbForge Query Builder provides better usability as multiple bug fixes and improvements and fixes were done. For example, while working with an SQL document, it is easy to set a database for script execution; you can upgrade Query Builder without uninstalling a previous version, etc.

Pricing and Availability

The dbForge Query Builder for MySQL license costs as little as $49.95. To learn more, download trial edition or order a license please visit Devart site:

Please, feel free to download, try and write any comments and suggestions about our products!

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