Create a java small class for a bank account!!?
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Thread: Create a java small class for a bank account!!?

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    Create a java small class for a bank account!!?

    I need to create a bank account class which consists of deposit and withdraw methods. I need to have a current account and savings account?

    I also need help on how to extend it so I can ask the user to inpt their withdrawal amount and deposit and it gives out the balance using scanner funtion?

    So far i have something like this, isit right?..

    public abstract class BankAccount {
    private double balance;
    public BankAccount() {
    balance = 0.;
    public void deposit(double amount) {
    balance += amount;
    public withdraw(double amount) {
    // check...
    balance -= amount;
    public class CurrentAccount extends BankAccount {
    // additional stuff
    public class SavingsAccount extends BankAccount {
    // aditional stuff

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    Re: Create a java small class for a bank account!!?

    It's a start. I suggest you work out on paper exactly how the bank accounts need to work before trying to write any Java code.

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