windows batch programming
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Thread: windows batch programming

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    windows batch programming

    Dear all, I need your help please

    I have a batch file on windows.
    I need to read from a text file a list of file names, the content of the text file is for example filename1;filename2;filename3

    Then, i need to verify in a directory that is an input parameter in the script if the physical files which names are listed in the text file (filename1,filename2...)
    exist in this directory; and write output to a text file a message indicating if each file is found or not.

    The code i wrote but did not return the desired result is:

    echo %date%,%time% Generate list of available and unavailable files >.\log.txt
    SET /P src_dir="Enter the absolute path for Source Directory where Files are present (including the final \ ): [e.g: .\DATA\RD\]:"
    SET /P src_file="Enter the name of file including the list of the names of files (including the extension e.g: .txt):" 
    ECHO The list of files are in %src_file%
    ECHO The physical files are in %src_dir%
    set COUNTER=0
    FOR /F "delims=;" %%A IN (%src_file%) DO( 
    set /a COUNTER+=1
    IF EXIST %src_dir%%FILENAME% (
    ECHO The file you are looking for %FILENAME% has been found in %src_dir%>>.\log.txt
    ) ELSE (
    ECHO The file you are looking for %FILENAME% has not been found in %src_dir%>>.\log.txt
    Can someone help me please?
    regards to all

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    Re: windows batch programming

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    Re: windows batch programming

    Can you post a sample text file?

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    Re: windows batch programming

    First of all, check what you have in the text file.
    Second, you create the variable %FILENAME1%, %FILENAME2%, %FILENAME3% etc.
    This is because you add the the counter to the variable in set FILENAME!COUNTER!=%%A.

    IF EXIST %src_dir%%FILENAME% will not work in this case.
    There are many ways to solve this but you could try to include the TEST_FILE_EXISTENCE script in the FOR /F "delims=;" %%A IN (%src_file%) DO( loop.

    Hope it helps

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