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Thread: WPF "dealing cards" animation.. need help

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    WPF "dealing cards" animation.. need help

    Im trying to write a poker application in WPF and Im having trouble figuring out on how to animate "dealing of cards" from dealer to player seats.

    The dealer position is located on the topmost-center position and each chair is located on every edge of the table.
    The chairs are positioned and aligned using Grid using Grid.Column and Grid.Row this way when the window resizes all elements in the window follows up.

    -How can i animate a card object from dealer seat to players seat position?

    -What if the window resizes?

    -how can i set the target for the animation?
    for example, I would like to deal card at player seat 5 located at Grid.Row = 3 Grid.Column = 2?
    by this the card animation will target the grid location of the said player..

    Can you guys give me idea on how to do this?

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