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    Unhappy Printing using Win32 Printer.

    Hi ,
    I have a problem printing using win32 printer to "Adobe PDF" printer ( Which generates output in pdf format)

    But the same code prints well with all other printers like Freepdf , Primopdf,ConvertWIZ , hardware printer..etc...

    When i select the "Adobe PDF" to print the document the "StartDoc" returns -1.
    but for the other printers "StartDoc" returns value > 0

    I have attached the sample code below.

    	HGLOBAL 					 hDevMode;
    	DEVMODE* 				 pDevMode;
    	HDC 				                 hPrinterDC;
    	DOCINFO 					 DocumentInfo;
    	hDevMode = GlobalAlloc(GHND, sizeof(DEVMODE));
    	if ( hDevMode )
    	   // lock the memory and return a pointer to it
    	   pDevMode = (DEVMODE *) GlobalLock(hDevMode);
    	   if ( pDevMode )
    		  // set the size of the DEVMODE structure
    		  pDevMode->dmSize             = sizeof(DEVMODE);
    		  pDevMode->dmOrientation = DMORIENT_LANDSCAPE
    		  pDevMode->dmPaperSize   = m_pPrintSetupParams->iPaperMediaID ;
                                      // tell Windows that I will be setting the dmOrientation and paper size ;
    		  pDevMode->dmFields 	  = DM_ORIENTATION | DM_PAPERSIZE ;
    	   // unlock the memory for other functions to use this
    	hPrinterDC = CreateDC("WINSPOOL\0", pszPrinterName.c_str(),NULL,pDevMode);
    	memset( &DocumentInfo, 0, sizeof(DOCINFO) );
    	DocumentInfo.cbSize 	= sizeof(DOCINFO);
    	DocumentInfo.lpszDocName 	= "TestPage" ;
    	DocumentInfo.lpszOutput  	= (LPTSTR) NULL;
    	DocumentInfo.lpszDatatype 	= (LPTSTR) NULL;
    	DocumentInfo.fwType = 0;
    	int nError = StartDoc(hPrinterDC, &DocumentInfo); // The return value of this function is -1 with "Adobe PDF " printer.
    	if (nError == SP_ERROR)
        	return false; 
    The "Adobe PDF " printer will get installed with the installation of "Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard"

    Plz help, Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Printing using Win32 Printer.

    What does GetLastError() tell you?

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