im currently writing a class which stores matrices and performs arithmic operations with them.
the matrices are stored as follows:
float *pfaMatrix = new float[nColumnCount + nRowCount];
to access the matrix easily, the following is used:
index = nRow * nColumnCount + nCol
using those methods, i can use the array as if it was a two-dimensional array but without the restriction that i have to do this
float *pfaMatrix = new float[nRowCount][CONST];
my problem is now, that i do not really know, how to write the function of the overloaded * operator to multiply two matrices. maybe i just need the right approach. in the beginning of the funct. i already made a new matrix of the correct size:
float *pfaResMatrix = new float[cMatrix1.m_nRowCount + cMatrix2.m_nColumnCount];
i hope someone could help me! thanks!

yours sincerely,