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Thread: Posting to my own forum

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    Smile Posting to my own forum

    I have a forum dedicated to nature and wildlife and I have with me 1000's of photos on these subjetcs. Plus I also get every week hundreds of photos of natural sights clicked by my friends all over the world. I would like to post all these to my forum(phpBB) which has sub-forums dedicated to wildlife,mountains,deserts,etc. I want to develop code which will automatically search my hard disk for the photos and upload them to my forum by starting a new thread or post in older threads. I will be the only poster posting as the administrator. Username and password would be hard-coded and it should automatically search my HDD every weekend and post the stuff in my forum.

    Has anybody developed a class that does this ? If I need to do it on my own, what built-in classes/resources should I use and what should be my coding steps/strategy ?

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    Re: Posting to my own forum

    Howdy. I don't have any info for your coding. But I'm interested in your photos and forum. I'm an outdoors man. I have trail camera pix of white-tail deer from the nearby swamp. Maybe you might be interested in putting some of these up. You can email me at You can also catch me at

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    Re: Posting to my own forum

    Hello harish, I do not know how experienced you are with programming, but
    I suggest you look up socket programming, the http protocol and bot/spider

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    Re: Posting to my own forum

    It depends on how you want to "crawl" your photos on you harddisk. If you already sorted the photos in folders on you harddisk then it's shouldn't be too hard to accomplish your goal. f.e.:

    - Scan the folders on your harddrive and retrieve the filenames store them in a list/array
    - Use FTP to upload the photos to the right folders on your website

    You can also create a service instead of a normal application that automaticlly scans the photo folder on a given time interval.

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    Re: Posting to my own forum

    To automaticly add new threads / topics to your phpbb forum, you'll probably have to connect to the database and edit the right tables.

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