Hi all,
I have just started to explore the wonders of PostgreSql. and my coding environment is VB.NET
I am experiencing problem in connection to the database. I need to parameterize the connection string based on the server where the pgsql is installed.
like constring = "Server=<machine_name_as_parm>;
other parameter values can work well.
But if change the server parameter to a different computer name, then it throw an error.
"Unable to read data from transport connection:"

Even the hardcoaded ip address also failed.
my sample con string looks like this..
strString = String.Format("Host={0};Port={1};User Id={2};Password={3};Database={4};", "", "5432", "pguser", "pgpwd", "sampledb")

(If i change the host parameter to 'localhost' it works well. But if, for some reason, the server machine changed / database shifted to other machine/pgsql then i'll pass the machine name through login screen.)

Can anybody help in this regard?

anticipating helpful responses...